Business Research Center focuses on generating knowledge in management science and related issues such as marketing, human resources management, accounting, finance management and quantitative methods. Specifically, we aim; 

  • to carry out scientific researches in topic related with business administration,
  • to promote interdisciplinary thinking by prioritizing multidisciplinary studies,
  • to collaborate with national and foreign institutions and research centers in related topics to generate and disseminate cross cultural knowledge.

Business Research Center is involved in the following activities in order to realize its objectives: 

  1. To follow the international developments in the management and related areas. 
  2. To develop cooperation with the national and international institutions and research centers. 
  3. To organize national and international, conferences, seminars, symposiums, courses and similar activities on management and the related areas.
  4. To provide consultancy to the organizations and institutions.
  5. To publish academic articles, working papers to disseminate knowledge.