A Research Model on Global Consumption Culture Meltem Ulutan November 23, 2017
(Brand Extension Feedback Effect on Consumer Brand Relationship: An Empirical Research) Research Assistant Mehmet Zahid Ecevit November 9, 2017
The Effects of Opinion Leaders on Commitment in Virtual Communities Research Assistant Belgin Kaygan October 19, 2017
The effects of Basel III on Turkish Bank System Assoc. Prof. Sevgi Gencay İneci December 18, 2012
The reorganization of the city in the cunsomption-survelliance equation: Closed spaces and closure patterns Prof. Dr. Ali Ergur November 22, 2012
The effects of new Turkish Commercial Law on Business Administration

Ass. Prof. Ali Dural

Assoc. Prof. Anlam Altay

Assoc. Prof. Volkan Demir

Opinions on Energy Engineer Msc Devrim İldiri February 29, 2012
The innovations introduced by The New Turkish Commercial Law to Accounting Standards and Institutionalization Prof. Dr. Rüstem Hacırüstemoğlu December 28, 2011
Second Phase in Crisis Assoc. Prof. Haluk Levent December 21, 2011
Human Rights in Classical Economic and Social Thought: Tocqueville and Molinari Example Assoc. Prof. Burak Gürbüz November 30, 2011
Unity of Opponents Dr. Süleyman Gedik November 16, 2011
Conservatism in the Economic Elites and Globalization Scenes Prof. Dr. Ali Ergur October 26, 2011
Writing Workshop Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özbilgin August, 2011
Second Workshop on top Management team and Strategy: Contextualizing Top Management Teams March 31, 2011- April 01, 2011